Axis 360/KnowledgePoint School Privacy Statement


Baker & Taylor, LLC ("Baker & Taylor" or "we" or "our" or "us"), has entered into an agreement with your School to provide (a) a digital content management system which supplies and hosts eContent (defined below) for access and use by your School and its authorized users (enrolled students, faculty members and staff members), (b) an online authentication system which facilitates the checking out of eContent by your School's authorized users from your local Public Library, or (c) both such systems. Those systems and the related services provided by us are collectively referred to in this Privacy Statement as "Axis 360" and also include the system known as "KnowledgePoint."

It is also possible that Axis 360 may be provided to your School either as a stand-alone platform or as an integrated platform with a third-party application, such as (but not limited to) LightSail.

If you are an enrolled student, faculty member or staff member of the School who has been authenticated by the applicable automated management system, then you may access Axis 360 as an authorized user directly through your School or, if applicable at your School, through an integrated third-party application, such as LightSail.

Is this Privacy Statement binding on me?

Yes. When you access Axis 360 at your School, you are agreeing that this Privacy Statement applies to you and you are bound by it. Please do not access Axis 360 if you disagree with anything in this Privacy Statement because any and all information that is collected or used by us in connection with Axis 360, or when you access Axis 360, is governed by this Privacy Statement.

We have implemented the standards described in this Privacy Statement to protect the privacy of all authorized users of Axis 360. We believe that effective privacy controls are the cornerstone of open and engaged communities. We have adopted the Student Privacy Pledge located at, which is maintained by the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). As a signatory, we embrace the commitment to support the effective use of student information and safeguard student privacy and information security.

When you download, display and/or use eContent delivered through Axis 360, or post any material through the use of any interactive service available at Axis 360, you are also agreeing to the terms of the Axis 360 End User License Agreement (the "Axis 360 EULA"), which is posted on Axis 360 or LightSail. Please do not download, display and/or use eContent delivered through Axis 360, or post any material through the use of any such interactive service, if you disagree with anything in the EULA. The EULA and this Privacy Statement both apply to your use of Axis 360.

Is this the only policy governing the use of my information on services offered by my School?

No. This Privacy Statement only applies to the information that is collected or used by us in connection with Axis 360 or when you access Axis 360.

The use of your information on Axis 360 is also subject to your School's Privacy Policy. Your School's privacy policy can be accessed anytime through your School's website.

Please be aware that third party applications, such as LightSail, that have been authorized by your School may have their own privacy policies relating to your information.

What types of information are collected on this service?

In order to provide the Axis 360 service for you, several types of information may be collected, stored and used:

  • Borrowing information
  • Interactive Content
  • Feedback and Suggestions
  • Non-Identifying information
  • Student Data received from your School.

You will find a description of these types of information and how they are handled in the sections that follow.

Personal Information

What personal information is gathered?

We do not collect personal identifiable information directly from you. We collect your login credentials but those credentials do not include personal identifiable information.

Your School will provide you and each authorized user of Axis 360 with login credentials and confirm that it has obtained any appropriate consent from your parent or legal guardian, as and when needed, in order for you to use Axis 360. Accordingly, when you use Axis 360, you will be asked to present the login credentials provided by your School for that purpose. This will enable us to establish that you are an authorized user of Axis 360 at your School.

Similarly, when checking out eContent, you will also be asked for, and we will collect, your authorized user credentials.

To post Interactive Content, if applicable, you may be asked to create and provide a username to be associated with your postings.

We may also gain access to your Student Data if requested by your School for the purposes of performing services on the School's behalf. In such event, we will receive the applicable elements of your Student Data directly from your School (or a technology provider engaged by your School, such as Clever, acting on your School's behalf) solely for purposes of performing our services on your School's behalf, rather than collecting it from you.

Such Student Data is used only for educational purposes at the discretion of the School. As used herein, "Student Data" means personal identifiable information of a student and/or their "education records" as defined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA") 20 U.S.C. PART 1232g and Personal Identifiable Information as defined in the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 ("COPPA") 15 U.S.C. PART 6501-6506. We consider Student Data to be confidential and do not use such data for any purpose other than to provide services on your School's behalf.

If you are a student, parent or other authorized user, please contact your School if you have questions about the School's use of Student Data or technology service providers like Clever or us. If you have any questions about reviewing, modifying, or deleting personal information of a student, please contact your School directly.

How is my personal information used?

If we receive elements of your Student Data directly from your School (or a technology provider engaged by your School, such as Clever, acting on your School's behalf), we will use them solely for purposes of performing our services on your School's behalf.

If you choose to use interactive services available on Axis 360, including but not limited to posting reviews, assigning star ratings, creating lists, submitting any Authorized User Created eContent (as defined in the EULA) or otherwise participating in any interactive features (collectively, "Interactive Content"), information such as the username or name you have chosen to display, and your School affiliation(s), may accompany your Interactive Content.

We may disclose any content associated with your account if required to do so by law or in a good faith belief that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to: (a) satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request, or (b) enforce the Axis 360 EULA, including investigation of potential violations thereof.

Is my personal information protected?

Information collected or used by us in connection with Axis 360, or when you access Axis 360, is stored in one or more secured servers in one or more secured facilities. We maintain strict administrative, technical and physical procedures to protect information stored in our servers. Access to information is limited (through user/password credentials) to those certain employees who require it to perform their job functions.

This information will be used by us and your School to deliver the services you request in accordance with this Privacy Statement. We will not sell, rent or trade your personal information (e.g., your School barcode, ID, or username), but we may display Interactive Content in Axis 360 or make other commercial uses of Interactive Content.

Can I change or delete my personal information?

You may alter or delete any of the personal information in your Axis 360 account except for your authorized user credentials.

Note that changes to personal information are not retroactive, and previously entered information and associated Interactive Content may persist on memory discs.

Do I have to provide contact information?

No, you do not need to provide contact information to use Axis 360. You will also be prompted to provide your authorized user credentials in order to deliver borrowed material to the appropriate service on which you use eContent.

What measures are in place to protect children?

We do not knowingly collect any personal identifiable information directly from children under the age of 13. If you believe we have inadvertently collected personal information of a child under 13 without proper parental or legal guardian consent, please contact us immediately so that we may delete such data as soon as possible.

As explained elsewhere in this Privacy Statement, if your School (or a technology provider engaged by your School, such as Clever, acting on your School's behalf) sends us any elements of your Student Data, such elements will be kept confidential by us and used by us only for the purposes of performing services on the School's behalf.

Where can I learn more about Internet safety for users under the age of 18?

We recommend that parents and guardians discuss Internet privacy and safety with their children. When using the Internet, children should be advised:

  • never to give out personal information such as their real name, phone number, email address, or school without first consulting their parents or guardians, and
  • never to arrange a meeting with someone they met online. More information about children's safety online can be found on the following sites.

Safety tips for children:

Tips for parents:

How can parents and guardians oversee the personal information of their children?

The first step in gaining access to your child's account is to make your request in person to staff at one of the School's locations. Be prepared to show proof of your identity and of your relationship with the child. Staff will then have the information retrieved for you.

You may deactivate your child's account if desired. If any personal information is inadvertently collected from your child, you may make a request to review and alter it.

Note that Axis 360 does not require children under the age of 13, as a condition of participation, to provide more information than is reasonably required.

Borrowing Information

How is my borrowing record protected?

Your borrowing record may be loaded from your School record during your sessions online, but this information is not permanently stored on your Axis 360 account, and is never shared with other users. You may choose to create a record of your recently-borrowed titles where available; information about recently borrowed items is not made available to the public unless you choose to post Interactive Content. If you do not post Interactive Content, no automatic record of your borrowing will be created through this feature.

Interactive Content

What is Interactive Content?

You may use Axis 360 to view or post reviews (if permitted by your School) or otherwise participate in any interactive features offered there. All of this material is referred to in this Privacy Statement as "Interactive Content".

If you are a child under age 13, any activities or services offered on Axis 360 which require registration, including the posting of Interactive Content, are not available to you without the prior written consent of your parent or legal guardian. If you are under age 13, you may not submit or post personal information on or to Axis 360 unless we have first received, in advance of your submission or post, verifiable written consent of your parent or legal guardian.

Can Interactive Content be viewed by the public?

Interactive Content has been designed for sharing, and is usually public.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing Interactive Content with others, please do not use interactive features offered on Axis 360 or contribute ratings, reviews, or other types of Interactive Content. You do not need to create Interactive Content in order to use Axis 360.

Will my name be visible with my Interactive Content?

Reviews and ratings that you post to Axis 360 will be accompanied by your School identification or the username that you create, or by whatever display name that you choose at a later date.

Can I change my Interactive Content?

After Interactive Content has been submitted by you and is posted to the Axis 360 website by the School administrator it becomes part of our data bases, our data back-up system and may be indexed in third-party search engines like Google. Interactive Content that is posted may remain available on Axis 360 indefinitely, even if you have terminated your use of Axis 360 or closed your School account.

In the event of complaints regarding violations of the Axis 360 EULA, this type of information may be used by us to investigate.

Other Information

Feedback and Suggestions

Feedback or suggestions that you submit will not be considered confidential and may be stored.

Non-Identifying Information

We may gather anonymous information from user profiles and preferences in order to improve the quality and scope of Axis 360, which may include the following:

  • Information such as your browser type or IP address helps us to understand how authorized users use Axis 360 and how it might be improved.
  • Data from your account may also be aggregated in an anonymous way.
  • Anonymous search logs may be analyzed to improve the search algorithms.
  • We may employ clear gifs (also known as web beacons) which are used to anonymously track the online usage patterns of authorized users.
  • We may also collect analytics data, or use third-party analytics tools, to help us measure traffic and usage trends.


Cookies are small files used to enhance the functionality of websites.

  • We may set and access temporary session cookies on your computer in order to make our system easier for you to use. In addition, a more persistent cookie may be used to store your user preferences. A cookie may also convey information to us about how you use Axis 360 (e.g., the pages you view, the links you click and other actions you take), and allow us to track your usage. These files do not contain or transfer any personally-identifiable information.
  • You may also choose on the log-in page to save your username in a cookie by checking "remember me."
  • If you wish to be notified when you receive a cookie, you may set your browser to do so.

External Sites

The Internet is a big place: take care to guard your personally identifying information. This website may link to other websites that collect personal information. We are not responsible for the practices employed by websites, applications or services linked to or from Axis 360. We recommend that you review the privacy policies of these sites before providing them with any personal data.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

We may modify or update this Privacy Statement from time to time so you should review this page periodically. If we change the policy in a material manner, for example if we seek to collect or use personal information in a materially different way than we had previously, we will provide at least 30 days' notice to the School so that you have sufficient time to evaluate the change in practice. Your continued use of Axis 360 after a change will signify your acceptance of the new terms.

This Privacy Statement was last modified as of January 1, 2017, effective January 1, 2017.

Change of Service

Following termination or deactivation of a School account, we may retain information for a commercially reasonable time for backup, archival, or audit purposes, but any and all Student Data associated with the School will be deleted promptly. We may maintain anonymized or aggregated data, including usage data, for analytics purposes.

In the event that your School discontinues its participation in Axis 360, your School may ask us to transfer information stored on Axis 360 to a third party provider of a similar service.

In addition, we may transfer your information stored on Axis 360 to a successor entity of Baker & Taylor or to any entity which owns or purchases substantially all of the stock or assets of Baker & Taylor or a division of Baker & Taylor.

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School Privacy Policy

You may also be interested in reading your School's privacy policy, which can be found on your School's website.